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Properties in the United States and Spain - the most coveted places for buying a second home
Properties in the United States and Spain are again the most demanded among British buyers of vacation homes abroad. In August this year, these markets become the first in the world, says the Internet-portal

The third place in the rating of the resort property took the market in Italy, which bypassed the housing markets in Portugal and France.

For several consecutive quarters there has been a renewed interest by foreign investors to the commercial property market in Italy due to its future development and attractive prices. And apparently, this interest already goes to the resort segment of the Italian property market.

The fourth place went to the Turkish property market, interest in which seems to be recovering from a coup attempt in July. The country has climbed 13 positions in the ranking.

The top 10 is supplemented by markets in Portugal, U.A.E., France, Germany, Brazil and the Philippines.

The strongest leap in the rankings in August was made by the property market in Malta, which climbed by 15 positions up to 17-th level, collecting the 0.75% requests within a month.

The interest of foreign buyers to the market of Bulgaria in August remained fairly stable, despite the fact that the country has lost 5 positions in the rankings, finishing on the 16-th place.

This decrease is due to the growing interest of buyers to resort property markets in the Philippines, Australia and Canada.
The strongest decline in interest of foreign buyers to the market was registered in Finland, descending with 17 positions, followed by Greece, Egypt and the Czech Republic, which lost 12 positions each.

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